Pediatric Cancer Foundation of Lehigh Valley

Leveling up a beloved non-profit brand in healthcare and Lehigh Valley Community.


- regional brand looking to grow regionally then nationally
- Need a well thought out brand strategy, brand development, and go to market planning
- Brand identity is dated and lacked connection to the audience

- brand strategy: positioning brand, positioning services
- brand development: 
- brand engagement: 

Leadership feels and is more purposeful and organized to achieve large organization objectives and goals for business and advertising initiatives. 

PCFLV Brand is currently being implemented across the Lehigh Valley and healthcare markets





Project page notes:
• Write case study
• Add Collaborative Workshop: photography and illustrations
• Add Mockups of the Communication Strategy; Tagline, Mission, Vision, Values in a brand book.
• Add Corporate Sponsorship Proposal Package; designed proposal book, structure, org chart, and sponsor affiliations with PCFLV
• Add Brand/ Campaign touch points; billboards, posters, ads, t-shirts, etc.