"He is a rare design lead who almost feels the essence of the designs he works on. He has a spirit you want to be around and that reminds you what drew you to the creative field in the first place."



Creative Leadership

I'm the son of artists in the Shenandoah Mts who grew up drawing on walls to expand illustrative ideas and still do.

Worley has 10+ years’ experience with world-class agencies, Fortune 100, 500, 5000 companies in designing emotional connections for brands in turning potential audiences into passionate ones, and winning 10+ awards during the process.

It is in my professional and personal experience that has led to the pursuits in discovering and developing whole brands through brand, innovation, and experience driven results throughout all engagements with rad creative teams. Illustrating on walls with client & agency teams by facilitating the collective intelligence around the idea of intent to align and level up the creative ideology, strategy, and tactics from the start.

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Current Role

Founder & Creative Director, Worley.

Founder and Creative Director for Worley, a team of leadership creatives and strategies, creating purposeful brand experiences in directing innovation, branding, and communications to lead with meaningful brand experiences locally and internationally.


January 2010 – December 2016

Senior Designer, Cadient.

Leading digital design, content, development, and film & video teams for all of AstraZeneca‘s brand portfolio of products and service-lines while owning illustrative initiatives. Over the course of my time at Cadient, I transformed these teams with Creative Leadership from a production focused service organization into world class creative teams who were responsible for some of the biggest and recent digital innovations in the pharmaceutical and life science industry. I did this by establishing new standards and culture that drove innovation and built trust with our clients and the C suite that allowed those innovations to launch to healthcare professionals and consumers.

Notable innovations include; holistic creative thinking towards two audiences—patients and healthcare professionals—on how various diabetes drugs and foods work in the body via video, infographics, and digital storytelling. As well as a creative assassin for all agency brands via brand strategy, brand identity, conceptual thinking, and illustration.

Clients: AstraZeneca; Farxiga, Xigduo, Onglyza, Kombiglyze, & Movantik, and Incyte.

New business won: Johnson & Johnson, Farxiga, and Brilinta.

Other Roles

Partner and consultant for innovative companies, Mentor, Designer, Photojournalist, Humanitarian, and Illustrator.

Partnering and advising with companies in marketing, tech, not-for-profit, real estate as a consultant and a Creative Director, where I lead the client & creative team in branding, strategy, and integrated advertising. Have had a part in employer branding for a tech firm primarily in creating an exclusive design test to hire new talent that not only tests to validate, but tests to learn and grow with the company's perspective on design.

I was born with a creative intelligence which started by telling the whole story through illustrations. I did so by listening with empathy and crayons to visualize something we can both visualize together early on. Both my parents were artists in the depths of the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia. Not having an audible voice most of the time during k-12 and moving +36 times also helped shape my perspective on the world and people by listening. Now blending all these innate talents and life experiences into my signature work by continually illustrating on walls with client & agency teams by facilitating the collective intelligence around the idea of intent to align and level up the creative ideology, strategy, and tactics from the start.


"He is thoughtful and strategic with his questions and reasoning and his execution comes from the heart. I would highly recommend him for any creative department."



Awards & Honors

My work has been recognized with over 50 major design awards.

My work has also been recognized with other honors including Trade Shows, 1 commercial, in a Fortune 100 Company Lobby, on Apple.com the iTunes Store, and winning business development for many brands alike. Awards won:

• Addy Awards
• Horizon Awards
• Horizon Awards
• Horizon Awards
• Horizon Awards
• Interactive Media Award
• Omni Awards
• Omni Awards
• Summit Creative Awards
• Summit Creative Awards


Integrating Curiosity

I'm straight talk, no nonsense, and no blather. I can’t help but tell it how it is after we align on the situation. With a sharp edges forward approach with my soft fleshy heart, everybody is heard and the integration of all perspectives initiates wholeness to an outcome of intent. I know the rules and know when and how to break them to move forward effectively. Appreciate momentum to be in front of the things we shouldn't be doing, so efficiently. With thoughtful ideas, juicy intuition, a belly full of instincts, then seeking a grounding connection deep inside all of us for ideas and outside for reality. I like to challenge and be challenged, to teach, and be taught. I take my life's work seriously—and life less so.

This is my essence, my nature—The Worley Way, 18'


Passion Project 1of 7

Developing Healthcare in Underdeveloped Countries

Service Above Self, with strategy, branding, video, photography, and design for FAMAH Foundation to tell their story to provide value for underdeveloped countries who need healthcare in the most basic way. Now that we are aligned, many initiatives are underway and here is what I can say and share in respect to the brand's privacy and growth.


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