Whole Brands are Greater Than the Sum of it's Parts


"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts". ~ Aristotle

This is true in every regard. The whole perspective is more significant than any sum of its parts. Especially branding in today's world of communication efforts. We are only starting to understand the whole picture, if at all. The term branding is used left and right and most cases are only speaking to a sum of its parts in which come from the circle of competency in which a person/ brand speaks upon. Therefore, starting from a scarce perspective of branding overall.

There is a lot of confusion around what exactly a brand is. No greater confusion than what self is. Some say brand is a logo, or a business, or a promise, or a product, or the way it looks and feels. The answer is a brand is greater than the sum of its parts. Hence a whole brand. It is everything and anything in and around a brand. From the CEO's perception to the markets perception. The logo to the words, the design to the functionality, the taste to the sound. We could create dynamic duos and tremendous trios all day, but in fact it is all of the above. Whether you want it to be or not. Everything around a brand provides value and a presence to the market in which the brand is connecting and resonating.

A whole brand is only as good as the collective intelligence who created the brand. If a kid creates a brand you will lack the development. If a marketing agency creates a brand it will lack depth and will over speak based on surface parities. If an internal creative team creates a brand it will lack the innovation and drive. If an artist creates a brand it will lack empathy. The list goes on. None of which are absolutes yet, important nonetheless. Essentially, a brand should have the width and the depth of what it means to be a brand. With a framework that allows the creation of a brand. A framework of hardware and software of a brand to thrive. How a creator navigates this framework is a style and experience for them to own and fulfill the whole brand.

Here are some of the sum of it's parts for a whole brand:

Simple Words used to describe and evoke a relationship from a brand to its audience(s).
Logo is a mark creating a gut feeling to stand behind.
Look and Feel is a visual expression of the brand. It can look like a knock off or look like a brand of confidence in which everyone wants to be apart of.
Tone of Voice speaks the visuals, personality, mission, vision, values of itself and others.
External Perception is empathy of how a brand's audience is perceiving the value of a brands offering.
Internal Perception  is a brand's soul listening to itself from its leadership, stakeholders, and employees perceiving  a brands worth. They are your advocates who channel a brand forward.

Many sum of parts have been mentioned here through out the article to start the conversation of a whole brand. All-in-all brands need to come from a place of abundance. That place is a solid foundation to fulfill a brand's whole potential only to move forward towards the leaderships ambitions of possibilities.

Thank you for listening.