Crafting a Mission Statement


#1 Hint. It's not about you.

Sounds counterintuitive.. "My" mission statement should be about me! Right? Yes, and your mission statement should be about you in which you stand for in providing value for your others. In this case, your audience in which you can provide value and be empathetic enough to invite many audiences. Like all brands have.

So what value do you provide for your audiences? This level of value in which you bring forth is the audience you will attract. It will provide direction in all that you think, feel, and do. Your value, your mission, is a big and unconditional attribute to digest in bite size pieces. Here are some of those pieces in crafting a mission statement:

Profiling your audience(s)

What pain points are they facing?

Which pain point can you solve and communicate who you are based on that pain point?


Are your audiences other companies, competitors, entrepreneurs, employees, partners, customers, stakeholders, investors.. What pain points do they each have in which your product and service-lines can solve for and speak to all? Now you solve that problem by knowing the situation by communicating who you are based on those needs in a mission statement that resonates with the audience(s), not just you. From here, the brand's communications should be fluid in and around the brand to support who the brand is and is not, the situation the brand solves for, and the value you bring forth to the world.

Sounds easy enough, right? It is an art form and one to spend time on and be challenged. The market will decide. Ensure it has personality and depth. It is 2018, no need for trial & error for things that are tried & true. 

Let me know how you do. Thank you for reading.