Evolution of Localizing Global Brands


Global brands are either standardized across borders or adapting as they should.


The beauty and challenges of being a global brand is logic, intuition, & Instincts. There is no one way approach. Global businesses across industries are engaging in dynamic a multitude of market conditions driven by several dimensions to measure the success, performance, and relationship in a given geographic location.

Some key areas for a global brand to localize are the following: culturally, geographically, regulatory, economically, and ecologically. All of which have their own zeitgeist to align and build into.

The ability to recognize these challenges to global markets is the difference of whether brand success happens or does not happen. To think logically in developing short term and long term strategies and tactics to get resources around the world is step 1. And then step 2, where given the implied rules we ask ourselves, how do we transcend not only borders, but market and cultural dynamics? For example:

Do we globally standardize offerings or does we adapt to local tastes.


There is never a time where all strategies apply to these implied rules and areas of focus. We can see that by the huge driver in the exchange of information around the world. It is time to adapt and to listen to the world, because everyone, every community, and every market is communicating their unmet needs. Time to listen.