Responsible Creativity


Let's take a moment and look at what it takes to have responsible creativity. Really looking at that thinking, the ambitions, and process in which to achieve rad creativity. 

Normally an agency will go the inclusive route, where they pitch obscure ideas, sell it, then behind closed doors they'd collaborate to unveil a masterpiece. Hopefully, a masterpiece over a shock.

This process to me devoid the intellectually thinking any creative should have which is EMPATHY. Yes empathy, the creative thinking from the heart. Also known as intuition. You see empathy is what all creatives should have. It is an element of curiosity that fuels and inspires everyone. Whether you are a creative executive, creative director, UI designer, UX designer, graphic designer, motion designer, and copy. All creatives should have empathy. And to have empathy you must have a problem to solve. That problem to be solved is for the customer and everyone along the process for the customer should have empathy. There is no alternative.

Look at it like this, during a creative process bringing value to the customer you gather collective intelligence from everyone in your initiative. This will be the client, strategy, innovation, technology, account, leadership, competitors, and indirect competitors. All these people have an intelligence in and around the brand that delivers value to the end consumer. Why wouldn't you listen?

It usually stems from ego. And although ego attributes can be healthy as it channels energy from the soul. Empathy first, Ego second. So you don't fall prey to the idea that it's you vs. them. You vs. Marketing. You vs. The Client. Your Agency vs. Another Agency.

With empathy, it's ultimately about what a creative can do to best serve the creative work — thus embracing the challenges. This is something for any creative soul to get in front of.

Instead, creatives and others around the brand tend to get caught up in winning a short term battle and putting the end consumer in a place where they ultimately lose, because we lead with our politics, our bureaucracy, competition, ego, and often times our bull shit. And the customer is the one that make the decision whether the creative and the brand succeeds.

So what can a better process look like to establish guideposts way out in the ocean for the creative energy to flow and explore while still maintaining responsibility and respect for the rules to ultimately break them to make innovative solutions? Well, in short.. here is what has helped me and the company through the creative process.

Overall, a scaffolding process with the client that values their time and effort. Then leading the charge for them and their audiences.

  1. Research and Brand Analysis – Research to understand the external perception of the brand in the market.

  2. Brand & Strategy Work Session – Facilitation of the brand's collective intelligence of how might we. Transcending the way we think and have thought in the past. A hard thing and a fulfilling thing as well.

  3. Creative Brief – Leads creative thinking around the ask with a north star for everyone to follow for the end consumer to be happy and continue engaging with the brand and so that the creative work is not just pretty but has fulfilled a deeper consumer need.

This gets the responsible creativity in a position of problem solving for the unique situation. With this setup you solve the situation rather than solving an issue, problem, or challenge. However you want to find the upside or down side. Ultimately solving the situation which encompasses ALL of the considerations. And do so with Empathy.

This is the reason for being creative, creativity is within all of us, consider this an empathetic framework for all.

Thank you for listening.