Rising to the Situation


A Brand Design Agency.


Solving every situation through collective intelligence in and around the brand. Designing visuals and verbals to bring the business to life, to be attracted to, to level up market cap to brand cap. Turning potential audiences into passionate ones with a team of directors, strategists, designers, writers, content creators, and technologists to deliver trusting and powerful change across a brand in the Lehigh Valley, Nationally, and Globally.

A brand agency as strong in its strategic thinking as it is in its design execution.


Areas of Services


Corporate & NGO Rebranding

Merger & Acquisition Branding

Healthcare Branding

Place, Region, & City Branding

Brand Stewardship

Design & Identity Systems

Workshop Experiences

Full Creative Suite of Services

Communication Strategy & Experience

Creative Direction & Production


Our Essence


We’re straight talk, no nonsense, and no blather. We can’t help but communicate how it is after we align on the situation. We know the rules and know when and how to lean in to solve for. We have big thoughtful ideas, plenty of heart, and a gut full of instincts. We seek deep inside for ideas and outside for reality. We like to challenge and be challenged, to teach, and be taught. We take our life's work seriously—ourselves less so.

This is our essence, our nature—The Worley Way


The Worley Story

Worley was started in 2009 by Jason Worley with a simple and compelling vision: to design better communications by building a brand design agency as strong in its strategic thinking as it is in its design execution. It is in Worley's professional and personal experience that has led to the pursuits in discovering and defining the core essence of brands through innovation, communications, and experience, to develop a high equilibrium of sustainability through every problem, challenge or situation. Delivering purpose and authenticity throughout all brand engagements.

A lot has changed since those early years. One has become several, starting the Lehigh Valley to countries around the world, collaborating with small businesses to significant organizations and tackling nearly unimaginable situations back in 2009. We have evolved because the world has, and we couldn't be more appreciative to our clients, talent, and partners today.